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Washington Post national political reporter showed his bias today in his column on the just completed Vision America conference in Washington, D.C. 

In the column he mentions the panel on the media that I participated in and said when it came to examples of a war on Christians that the examples were a bit stale because I mentioned some incidences from 2001 and 2002. What Milbank didn’t report was that I also mentioned the Imus in the Morning show regularly pokes fun at Catholics with the Cardinal Egan character and that they recently added a Jerry Falwell impersonator. He also left out my criticism of Hollywood’s refusal to recognize films like “The Passion of the Christ” which is ranked 6th in terms of box office gross for movies like “Million Dollar Baby” which is ranked 331st and won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2004 and “The Chronicles of Narnia” which is ranked 23rd and was snubbed in favor of “Crash”, the 2005 Best Picture winner, which isn’t even ranked because it didn’t meet the $100 million minimum to qualify. By the way I had all of seven minutes to cover this topic.

Why did Milbank leave these examples out? Could it be that it would make for less enticing copy? After all he referred to the panel which also featured Tim Graham from the Media Research Center, Bill Fancher from American Family Radio and Janet Folger of Faith2Action as a warm up act for Congressmen Tom DeLay who followed the panel as the luncheon speaker. There is no doubt that Milbank meant that as an insult, but I for one would be more than happy to be a warm up act for a congressman.

In the end Milbank’s coverage of the panel only strengthened the argument that their is a anti-Christian bias in the media.

Maybe the next time the Post will send someone who actually understands the issue rather than a political reporter with an axe to grind.

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