Accuracy in Media

In a bit of deception Virginia Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Webb unveiled a new television ad featuring former President Ronald Reagan praising Webb.  That’s all well and fine, but the footage is from 1985 when Webb was a registered Republican!  In addition to the fact that Webb switched parties it is doubtful that if Reagan were alive today he would endorse Webb who served under Reagan as the Secretary of the Navy for just 10 months before quitting in a dispute about troop reductions. 

In largely conservative Virginia this strategy may work, but using a 21 year old video of the Great Communicator in a campaign ad seems a little dishonest at best.  Unfortunately in politics things like this are par for the course from both Democrats and Republicans. 

I don’t know if Jim Webb is desperate or dumb, but I think he as well as other candidates seeking office would be better off by just being honest and sticking to the issues.

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