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Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari is upset over an interview that he and his brothers participated in with Brian Williams for NBC’s Rock Center, and has fired off a letter to NBC to express his objections.

emanuel_brothers_rock_center (1)The New York Post’s Page Six said that the Emanuel brothers, Ari, Rahm and Ezekiel, had agreed to the interview to promote Ezekiel’s upcoming book, Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family, thinking that they would get the kid glove treatment from Williams, but instead it was more like Meet the Press.

Williams: A reading from the book of Emanuel. The underlying message was that if you were not skilled at the thrust and parry of kitchen table debate, there was something wrong with you. The Emanuels did not have to accommodate to the world, the world had to accommodate to them. Gentlemen, defend yourselves. Really?

Ari Emanuel: I find nothing wrong with that.

Later when Williams talked about Ari’s “scorched earth” reputation in Hollywood, his lips tightened and he became defensive, saying that he was the happiest he had been in a long time.

The Post reported that Ari told  NBC that ‘This was not what we agreed to,” and that he was “irritated.”

NBC told the Post, “We hope viewers saw the interview as a lively conversation with three famously colorful brothers who embody a great American story of success.”

Emanuel’s letter and feigned outrage is nothing more than an attempt on his part to deflect the blame for his poor performance, but he has no one to blame but himself.

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