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Amidst the rash of recent police shootings comes a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that showed race relations are at the worst level they have ever been in the 25-year history of the poll.

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd discussed the results on Sunday:

“Race relations are the lowest point in the history of our poll, more than 25 years. The previous low was in October of ’95, which was the month of the O.J. Simpson murder trial acquittal. Back then, 61 percent said race relations were bad, while 34 percent thought race relations were good.

In our new poll a whopping 74 percent of all Americans say race relations are bad, and only 24 percent say they are good.  50 points underwater in that question.

And African-Americans are particularly feeling increasingly negative about the country.

A standard question that we asked ‘Is the country headed in the right direction or going on off on the wrong track?’

In January, African-Americans were a net positive on this question. 18 points ahead on the positive side, saying the country was headed in the right direction.  Now, African Americans are in a negative standpoint, minus 22 points, saying the country is headed on the wrong track. A 40-point swing in just six months. It’s obvious all of this has had an impact.”

Todd concluded with a question—which presidential candidate would be better on race relations? He noted that neither Clinton nor Trump received a majority, with Clinton at 41%, Trump at 19% and 33% saying neither, underscoring the poll respondents lack of confidence in either candidate to solve the problem.

What Todd left out of his summary of the poll results was how Obama has fanned the flames of this racial divide by defending the racist Black Lives Matter movement, and defending the victims of police shootings before investigations are completed and all the facts are known.

Obama promised to unite our country, but instead he has set us back 25 years. That is his true legacy.



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