Accuracy in Media

When I was a child in elementary school we often sat “Indian style” on the classroom floor as we gathered around our teacher to hear a story or to do something where the desks would be in the way. Now thanks to the PC police we have “Magic Fives” which is basically the same thing, but isn’t offensive to Native Americans. Honest Injun. Oops, sorry about that sterotype that actually implies that an Indian is honest. If you think this is nutty check out the Understanding Prejudice web page for their advice to teachers. Frankly I am surprised that with the furor in some circles about the effect of “Harry Potter” on their children that their hasn’t been any protest about the use of the word magic.

On another note, to show you how outcome based education is dumbing down our children, teachers in Montgomery County, Maryland are not allowed to give out gold stars for performance because it might hurt the feelings of the students that didn’t get one. Even better, the new grading policy requires her to give a 50% mark on homework even if the student has only done one problem and the answer doesn’t even have to be correct!  It gives new meaning to the old saying of  E for effort.

Our education system is now turning out overly sensitive students who will lack the ability and skills that they will need to compete in this world. It is no wonder that over the last few years enrollment in parochial and homeschools has surged and will likely continue to grow as public education becomes a bastion of the dumbed down and politically correct.

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