Accuracy in Media

Some lies just never die, especially when they are kept alive by a cooperative media. This time it’s The Washington Post which in it’s Names and Faces column today reported on a concert in Libya by singer Lionel Richie.

The concert was given to mark the 20th anniversary of the U.S. raid on Libya and was under the guise of “Hanna Peace Day” to honor Gadhafi’s adopted daughter Hanna who was killed in the raid. There is only one problem with this memorial event. Gadhafi didn’t have an adopted daughter.

Cliff Kincaid pointed out in a December 2004 posting on his blog the following referring to USA Today’s Barbara Slavin; “His adopted daughter was not killed,” she said. “An infant girl was killed. I actually saw her body. She was adopted posthumously by Gadhafi. She was not related to Gadhafi.”

You would think that responsible journailsts would try and set the record straight based on this account, after all they have had 2 years to investigate, but in ther zeal to villify the U.S. action and generate sympathy for Gadhafi they continue to perpetrate a lie to the world.

Once again the liberal media has rushed in and ignored the facts making Gadhafi a sympathetic victim and has conveniently forgotten his brutal past. Now that should be a crime.

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