Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post which has never claimed to be fair and balanced continued to reinforce the belief that they have a liberal bias with the publication of today’s Maryland Notebook by John Wagner and Matthew Mosk. Wagner and Mosk delivered their winners and losers of the recently completed Maryland legislative session which was one of the most acrimonious in years.

One of the losers as defined by the writers was the Public Service Commission, where a couple of members face some moral and ethical problems. That part was true, but then they took a shot at the commission for approving a 72% increase in electric rates from Baltimore Gas and Electric which provides power to some 1.2 million Maryland residents.

There is only one problem as I see it. The commission didn’t create this problem. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out Saturday the real fault lies with the legislature itself. In 1999 the assembly imposed price controls that froze residential rates to 1993 levels minus 6.5%. Now in an election year the current assembly is in an uproar over the increase that many of these members voted for seven years ago.

The PSC has come into play mainly because the governor appoints the members and horror or horrors he actually appointed some free market thinkers. The commission wasn’t happy in approving the rate increase, but with soaring energy prices how could they legitimately cap prices after they had been held to below market rates for years?

Ratepayers in Maryland have enjoyed below market rates for energy for years thanks to the democratically controlled legislature who thought that they would have a lock on the governor’s mansion throughout eternity. Now that they have to face the music ( it’s and election year) for their folly they are blaming everyone including the republican governor (big surprise) and are aided and abetted by the Post in their efforts to look blameless and remain in power.

Sounds like it’s time to throw the bums out.

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