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A new poll released by Poll Position, a nonpartisan polling firm run by former CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan, shows that a plurality of Americans surveyed think that Fox News is the “best TV news network,” beating rivals CNN and MSNBC.

The poll surveyed 1,180 people and Fox was chosen by 36% of respondents, closely followed by CNN with 27.8% and MSNBC with 16.6%. The remaining 19.5% had no opinion.

Not surprisingly, 61.9% of Republicans chose Fox, with Democrats splitting their preferences between CNN (40.8%) and MSNBC (31%). Independents chose Fox by a margin of 36% to 31% over CNN with just 9.1% selecting MSNBC. But what is surprising is CNN’s strength as the clear number two choice among respondents, which diverges greatly from its ratings which usually places them a distant third behind MSNBC.

Fox also dominated across all age groups surveyed except for the 18-29 range, where CNN triumphed with 39.4%, followed by MSNBC at 19.8% and Fox at 16.7%.

Of the 1,180 people surveyed for the poll, there were 472 each of Republicans and Democrats, and 236 Independents. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Fox has been the number one rated cable news network since January 2002, when it toppled longtime leader CNN.

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