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Liberals received some more bad news this week as a new Suffolk University poll revealed that Fox News is the most trusted political news source among those surveyed.

FOX News – 28%

CNN – 18%

Undecided -12%

NBC – 10%

Other -10%

MSNBC — 7%

ABC — 6%

CBS — 6%

C-SPAN — 3%

For CNN the poll was a little bit of good news at a time the network is struggling with it’s primetime lineup, and after they received a black-eye this week for omitting former New York governor and current CNN host Eliot Spitzer from a story on political sex scandals.

The news wasn’t so good for MSNBC which finished a distant third to its cable news brethren with just 7% of respondents saying that they trusted the liberal cable news network.

It’s true that part of the explanation for these results is that the only network that conservatives find their viewpoint fairly represented is on the Fox News Channel, but maybe airing all that one-sided programming bashing conservatives isn’t so good for the other networks after all.


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