Accuracy in Media

As I write this Accuracy In Academia is completing their two day conference Conservative University today on Capitol Hill. While I have to admit the attendance was below expectations (we underestimated the fickleness of hill interns ) the conferences content has been excellent.

The conference started with a talk by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-VA) who is the youngest member of congress at 29. He said the average age is 59. McHenry spoke about his own experiences in college at N.C. State and his run in with political correctness. Keep your eye on this guy. He has a lot of ambition.

His colleague Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke on social security reform and was followed by a panel consisting of Peter Ferrara and Carrie Lukas. They actually made this subject interesting not just for me, but for the student audience. I personally am not relying on social security some 20 years out for myself and it pains me to watch my children sucked out of their minimum wage paychecks just to pay today’s retirees.

Other speakers included Evan Coyne Maloney who has produced a great politically incorrect film Brainwashing 101 and Mason Weaver who refuses to let the political left push him around. This is just a snapshot.

To read more about the conference go to AIA‘s web site where stories and audio will be posted in the next week.

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