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White House press secretary Jay Carney was grilled by CNN’s Piers Morgan on Monday evening, as Carney tried to defend the abject failure of the administration’s health care website.

piers morgan vs jay carneyMorgan asked Carney about what guarantees the President was given that the Obamacare website was ready to launch. He then brought up the mounting criticism, including from Carney’s predecessor Robert Gibbs, who called the rollout “excruciatingly painful,” and said officials deserve to be fired. Morgan then asked Carney, “At what point do you consider a head rolling?”

Carney replied that “It shouldn’t be about making heads roll and firing people.” He then proceeded to try and make it about Sen. Cruz and the GOP shutting down the government because they opposed Obamacare.

Morgan wasn’t buying what Carney was selling. He told Carney that he agreed with him and supports Obamacare, but at some point if the system still isn’t working, someone needs to be held accountable. And if it isn’t the President, then who is it going to be?

Carney responded that accountability is making sure the system gets fixed, and not about making heads roll. He said that the President is committed to making sure the system is working efficiently for the American people.

What’s wrong with making heads roll? Someone is responsible for the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website. Why can’t the administration just admit that, rather than trying to shift the blame to the GOP, or to refer to these massive rollout problems as just glitches, which they are not?

Harry Truman said “The buck stops here.” For the Obama administration, it’s more like the buck is passed here.

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