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CNN’s Piers Morgan fired back at Keith Olbermann on Twitter after the former MSNBC host took a shot at him for milking Christine O’Donnell’s walkout on his show last week.

Olbermann’s tweet that got the feud started:

Who walks out on @PiersMorgan tonight? I’m betting on…the audience (as usual)

Morgan then fired back:

Come on and debate with me you big coward @KeithOlbermann – or are you too busy with your 40,000 viewers a night?

As Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher pointed out, it’s odd that Olbermann chose to go after Morgan and his audience considering that even though Morgan’s show often finishes third or fourth in the ratings he easily beats Olbermann’s audience every night. Though, for the record, Olbermann’s audience is larger than 40,000.

Olbermann, who is not exactly known as a shrinking violet, then claimed that he had been banned from Morgan’s program which prevented him from appearing on his show to face Morgan in person.

Just to wrap this up, most recent of 12 pleadings by @PiersMorgan that I appear on his show arrived 7/26. After he “banned me for life.”

According to Christopher, Morgan told Entertainment Weekly that he did no such thing, but would ban Olbermann “Just because it would really annoy him. I think he’s a great broadcaster, but I know he gets wound up very easily. It’s not a lifetime ban, it’s a temporary ban, designed to confuse and bemuse him, and hopefully engender a violent reaction.”

What’s Olbermann afraid of? A face-off between two of the most annoying personalities on television would probably be very entertaining and provide a much needed lift for Morgan while reminding viewers that Olbermann still exists.

On second thought maybe that isn’t such a great idea after all.

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