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The ombudsman at the Philadelphia Daily News sees nothing wrong with one of its reporters who is covering the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York also tweeting in support of the movement. reported this week that Will Bunch, who wrote a front-page story about the protesters earlier this month, is tweeting his support at the same time he is covering the movement for the paper.

Fox also found that Bunch identifies himself as a senior media fellow at the far-left media watchdog Media Matters, but that information is conveniently missing from the website.

Bunch told that he works as a news reporter, blogger and editor and that when Media Matters approached him about becoming a fellow he told his editors that he would be doing for them what he has done on his Daily News blog since 2005.

 “I’ve always written about the media, criticizing the media a lot from a progressive point of view,” he said. “I think my editors are really proud to have someone writing with a point of view. I have a strong background, and I’m pretty good at identifying issues in the media. We think it’s good for dialogue and for selling papers.”

And he isn’t getting any argument from the Daily News’ public editor Richard Aregood who told Romenesko that he isn’t troubled by Bunch’s association with Media Matters because, “as a reader, I know where Bunch is coming from, just as I know where Sean Hannity is coming from.”

Maybe he does but without identifying Bunch’s link to Media Matters the paper is misleading its readers into thinking that Bunch may actually be an objective reporter instead of the left-wing propagandist that he is.

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