Accuracy in Media

A new Pew Research Center survey found that cable news viewers were deeply divided when it came to judging coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ninety-two percent of those who rely mainly on MSNBC as their main news source said the network covered the pandemic very well or somewhat well compared to 82 percent of those who identify CNN as their main news source and 58 percent of Fox News aficionados.

The reverse was true for those that felt the media greatly exaggerated or slightly exaggerated the pandemic news with Fox News viewers coming in at 79 percent, followed by CNN at 54 percent and MSNBC at 35 percent.

Fox News has been heavily criticized by the liberal media and Democrats for not taking the outbreak seriously enough in the early going and being too supportive of the Trump administration’s policies, while MSNBC and CNN have been criticized by conservatives and Republicans for politicizing the pandemic and bashing the president rather than trying to help rally the country to fight the virus.


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