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A new study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that Americans have a high regard for the military, but they feel almost exactly the opposite when it comes to journalists.

soldiers coming homeThe survey asked Americans to rate certain professions. The military finished on top, with 78% saying that they contribute “a lot” to society, while teachers finished a close second at 72%. Bringing up the rear were journalists with just 28% of respondents saying they contribute “a lot.” That’s down 10% from 2009, when 38% viewed journalists in a positive light.

While both Democrats and Republicans have lost some faith in journalists since 2009, 36% of Democrats still say that journalists contribute “a lot,” versus just 20% of Republicans.

Journalists lost the support of a lot of women, with only 29% viewing them favorably, down from 46% in 2009.

The good news for journalists is that they didn’t finish at the bottom of the list—that was reserved for lawyers—but the gap narrowed a bit, leaving the possibility that the next time this survey is conducted, it may be a close race to see who finishes last.

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