Accuracy in Media

A new Pew Research Center study found an increasingly wide divide between Republicans and Democrats in what news sources they trust and distrust the most.

Out of the 30 news sources the study chose, ranging from network television news to Rush Limbaugh to the New York Times, Republicans expressed distrust of 20 while rating three as equally trusted as distrusted and seven as trusted.

For the Democrats, the numbers are almost completely reversed, with 22 trusted and 8 distrusted.

Specifically for conservative Republican/leaning Republicans, Fox News was the most trusted news source at 75 percent, followed by Hannity (radio) at 43 percent, Limbaugh at 38 percent, ABC News at 24 percent and CBS News at 23 percent. On the distrust side, CNN led the way at 67 percent followed closely by MSNBC at 57 percent and the New York Times at 50 percent.

Liberal Democrats/lean Democrat put their trust in CNN (70 percent), The New York Times (66 percent), PBS (66 percent), NPR (63 percent) and NBC News (61 percent).  Not unsurprisingly their most distrusted news sources were led by Fox News (77 percent), Limbaugh (55 percent), Breitbart (53 percent), Hannity-radio (50 percent) and the New York Post (27 percent).

Pew found that since 2014 when they conducted a similar survey that Republicans distrust increased in 15 of the 20 news sources asked about in both surveys –with CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times seeing the most notable growth in distrust.


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