Accuracy in Media

Where do people get those little hand held plastic flags that you see being waved at parades?  I went looking for some last weekend and was completely frustrated in my efforts. 

While it isn’t a scientific survey by any means, I went to Wal-mart who had some fabric flags for about 45 cents each.  Nice flags, but not a great idea for giveaways on a small budget.  Next up on my journey was K-Mart which combined forces with Sears and they didn’t have any and there was no evidence they even sold the small flags.  Finally I tried Target, which hardly had any flags period and definitely didn’t stock any small flags.

So here I am trying to buy some flags from three of the largest retailers in the country and came up empty handed.  I checked with a friend about buying some for a 4th of July event and she had found some.  She had to use mail order and they came stamped with a large “Made in China” stamp on each staff/stick.  How disappointing.

What have we come to when our flag is being manufactured not just overseas, but by a communist country that still represses freedom of speech to boot?

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