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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour that she supports the message of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators and that what they are doing is part of the American way.

Amanpour:  People,  American  people are now occupying Wall Street , they are spreading their protests to various other cities in the United States. They’re expressing frustration. They’re expressing fear of the joblessness. Do you support them?

Pelosi: Well I support the message to the establishment whether it’s Wall Street or the political establishment and the rest that change has to happen.  We cannot continue in a way that does not, is not relevant to their lives. People are angry.

Amanpour then cut to a clip of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the Values Voters Summit where he said this about the Occupy Wall Street Movement:

Cantor: I have become increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country. And believe it or not some in the town have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans.

Pelosi: I didn’t hear him say anything when the Tea Party was out demonstrating actually spitting on members of Congress right here in the Capitol  and he and his colleagues were putting signs in the windows encouraging them.  But let’s not get down to that.

Amanpour: But do you think it’s pitting Americans against Americans?

Pelosi: Well it’s the American system.  It’s the Democratic system. We don’t all agree.  We’d have a King if we were all of one mind.  We don’t. We have different views. And the part of the democracy of our country is the expression that people give and they constitution guarantees that.

After the 2008 presidential election, though, Pelosi and the Democrats certainly acted as if they thought everyone was of one mind and that they had crowned a new Democratic King in Obama.

Instead of a King, however, they wound up with someone who more closely resembled the Emperor who had no clothes, as Obama’s policies have failed one after another.

As for Amanpour, she gave Pelosi an assist when she allowed her to repeat the lie that members of Congress were spit upon during the health care debate in Washington while she derided the Tea Party.

The liberal media are now comparing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement to that of the Tea Party, except from the left.  But there is no comparison. The Tea Party was born out of a frustration by Americans of the unbridled growth in spending and taxation that was leading the United States to the brink of financial ruin.

And by and large, the Tea Party rallies were peaceful and civil affairs.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has no centralized goal or plan beyond being anti-capitalist and is filled with everything from Socialists to Anarchists. It is more reminiscent in the 1960’s anti-war movement than the Tea Party. Plus, the Tea Party has never tried to storm the Air and Space Museum in Washington like some of the “Occupy Wall Street” people did on Saturday.

What Pelosi and her fellow Democrats who have embraced “Occupy Wall Street” fail to realize is that this isn’t a true grassroots movement like the Tea Party but is instead largely rooted in civil disobedience, chaos and anarchy. And with Wall Street currently operating under rules embodied in Dodd-Frank (both Democrats) legislation and an Obama-led SEC, even these demonstrators may decide, or realize, that it is the Democrats in the end who deserve most of their wrath.

Watch the video starting at about the 3:12 mark.

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