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In the ongoing battle to expose the absurdity of political correctness I bring you some of the latest news from Great Britain.

Parenting organization Family Links recently stated that parents shouldn’t call their children “naughty” because it might damage their self esteem. They should also refrain from shouting at their children and refer only to their behavior as “naughty” and not the child themselves.  Many parents are upset with the comments and feel that they should be allowed to discipline their children without being subject to politically correct “clap trap” according to website 

Next we have the primary school that banned parents from attending its annual sports day, complete with egg and spoon races to spare the children from embarrassment if they lost. 

Instead they will hold a non-competitive sports day held behind closed doors.

According to the Telepgraph, Judith Wressel, the head of Maney Hill Primary in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, said in a letter to parents: “Taking part in traditional races can be difficult and often embarrassing for many children, which is why we envisage a different outdoor activity event that will suit all children.”

Parents expressed their disbelief by saying that the school was fixing a problem that didn’t exist and that they didn’t think a child would be scarred for life from losing an egg and spoon race.  They must not have had egg all over their face.  That’s pretty embarrassing.

Along the same lines the Aberdeen City Council in Scotland was ridiculed when it decided not to publish the scores from a bowling tournament to spare the losers the embarrassment of seeing the size of their losses. 

Audrey Walker, the council’s events organizer was quoted by the Telegraph as saying “We just thought it would be the kinder thing to do not to publish the results. We don’t want to discourage the children ? we want to encourage them because we want young bowlers coming in.”

I thought things were bad in the U.S.  We have strived for years to make our children less competitive and to make them feel good about themselves instead of learning how to sharpen their skills and improve.  While I think this is dangerous for the future of our country at least we still allow children to actually lose in some things.  I don’t recall seeing an epidemic of children being scarred for life by losing.  My own college age son played junior varsity football for a couple of years and his team lost about three times as many games as they won.  He is fine. 

Finally on a different note, the Sun reported that a British family had to cancel their vacation because the passport photo of their youngest daughter showed her teeth.  According to a Home Office spokesman “The new biometric passports carry a scan of the holder’s face. In this instance the machine which takes the biometric image would have rejected the girl’s photo because her mouth was open.”

So there you have it, next time you get a passport photo in the U.K. scowl.

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