Accuracy in Media

In the last few years Christmas and Santa Claus have become targets of political correctness seeking to neutralize the joy and happiness of the season. So it was probably inevitable that the next target to be neutered would be none other than the Easter Bunny.  At least if you live in Florida.

While most shopping centers still have an Easter Bunny for children to have their pictures taken with, the Mall at Millenia in Orlando has only the Bunny.  Brenda Lounsberry of the mall told Orlando’s channel 13 News that “We enjoy both residents and visitors from a lot of different countries. We just try to be welcoming to all those people and not to offend anyone.” 

As is normal for cases like this there has been no evidence presented that anyone complained about the Easter Bunny, but was a decision made by a mall manager who was afraid that someone might be offended and therefore changed the name. 

That’s bad enough, yet the mall can’t seem to make up its mind with regards to Easter and who it may and may not offend.  On the one hand they say that the Easter Bunny and Easter candy have no religious connection, yet there won’t be an Easter Bunny, but Easter candy is okay.  On the other hand they say they aren’t anti-religious and demonstrate that by closing the mall in observance of Easter. 

I suggest that next year the mall force stores to drop the word Easter from candy, baskets, bonnets, eggs, costumes etc? and see how many people are willing to buy products without the Easter connection.  I’ll bet they will offend more people by doing this than by keeping the Easter Bunny.

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