Accuracy in Media

For once there is good news on the battle to fight political correctness in Great Britain thanks to an infusion of nearly 3 million dollars into British Schools to encourage all school age children to exercise.

After decades of politically correct mentality schools can now host competitive events where there are actual winners and losers, instead of the “everybody is a winner” declaration that has dominated thinking for years.

As one PE specialist told the Daily Express “Competition is good for children and they all aspire to be the best but to make sure everyone is able to have fun, we offer a wide range of sporting activities including golf, so everyone is able to find something they are good at.  Children know who has won and who has lost and to pretend any differently is silly.”

That’s right.  Despite the efforts of the politically correct bureaucrats they really couldn’t fool the students into believing that there are no winners or losers in life.  In one of my first blog posts I wrote about my own daughter’s experience with the “Tug of Peace” when she was in elementary school.

Competition is natural and healthy.  Children need to learn that they can’t win every time and that losing is perfectly fine and that you can actually learn from losing, sometimes even more than from winning. 

Thankfully the British have seen the destructive nature of the politically correct thinking that stifled competition.  Maybe, just maybe educators in the U.S. will wake up before they have totally destroyed our competitive spirit.

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