Accuracy in Media

April 2012

4/5/2012 - Firing Olbermann May Be the Least of Current TV’s Woes

4/5/2012 - Fox Veers Left, Hires Jesse Jackson’s Daughter

4/4/2012 - Helen Thomas Receives Journalism Award From PLO for Her Support of “Palestine in the West”

4/4/2012 - Couric’s GMA Hosting Gig Creates Friction at ABC

4/3/2012 - Spitzer Sputters In Current TV Debut

4/3/2012 - Oprah: “If I Knew Cable TV Was Going to Be This Difficult I Might Have Done Something Else” [Video]

4/2/2012 - That was Fast–Olbermann Era Over at Current TV

4/1/2012 - Al Jazeera Plans Layoffs in D.C. Bureau

March 2012

3/31/2012 - ABC News Dresses Up Tot In “Pretty Woman” Outfit

3/30/2012 - Matthews Accuses GOP of Making it Harder for Minorities to Vote [Video]

3/29/2012 - MSNBC Uses “The Hunger Games” to Shill for Obamacare [Video]

3/28/2012 - CNN Beats MSNBC in Key Demo, Finishes Third Overall

3/28/2012 - Anderson Cooper Exposes New Black Panther Party Racism [Video]

3/27/2012 - Current-TV CEO Calls MSNBC A “Confused, Inauthentic Brand”

3/26/2012 - Wisconsin Journalists Chastised for Signing Gov. Walker Recall Petition

3/25/2012 - MSNBC Separates the News from the Views?

3/24/2012 - CNN Lays Off Dozens as It Moves to Outsource Documentaries

3/23/2012 - Chris Matthews Declares He’s a Centrist

3/22/2012 - Tina Brown: “Newseek Won’t Make Money for Another Couple of Years”

3/21/2012 - Oprah’s OWN Woes

3/20/2012 - The Future of News is Mobile

3/19/2012 - End of an Era as C-SPAN Founder Steps Down

3/18/2012 - Brian Williams’ “Rock Center” Ratings Dropping Like a Stone

3/17/2012 - New Report Names Newspapers as the Fastest Shrinking Industry in America

3/16/2012 - CNN’s Jautz: “We’re the Only Network That Doesn’t Tell People Who to Vote For”

3/15/2012 - Matthews: Romney Sounds Like African Colonialist [Video]

3/14/2012 - The View Backs Limbaugh’s Right to Free Speech [Video]

3/13/2012 - Piers Morgan Grills Obama Film Producer Over One-Sided “Documentary” [Video]

3/12/2012 - Matthews: “Why Don’t We Just Take a Picture of Everybody Who Votes?”

3/11/2012 - Fox Thumps CNN and MSNBC on Super Tuesday

3/10/2012 - Former NY Times CEO’s Exit Package Tops $23 Million

3/9/2012 - Matthews on Romney Supporters: “Is This North Korea?”

3/8/2012 - Kucinich Loses Primary, But Could Wind Up on Cable

3/7/2012 - Ed Schultz: Gingrich’s Southern Supporters are “Low Information Voters”

3/6/2012 - Current TV Doubles Down, Adds Morning Block

3/5/2012 - Newspapers Digital Future is Bleak

3/4/2012 - Fox Chairman Praises Rachel Maddow’s New Book

3/3/2012 - NBC News Expands on Radio at the Expense of CNN

3/2/2012 - Ted Turner Bites Back, Says HLN Isn’t “Serious News”

3/1/2012 - Newspaper Ad Revenues Are Falling Over a Cliff

February 2012

2/29/2012 - February Cable TV News Ratings: Fox News Continues Dominance

2/28/2012 - Former NY Times CEO’s Consulting Gig Worth at Least $25,000 Per-Hour

2/27/2012 - MSNBC President: “I Want MSNBC to Reflect America in the 21st Century, Not the America of the 1940s.”

2/26/2012 - In Search of Revenues, More Papers Erect Paywalls

2/25/2012 - Washington Post Earnings Plummet in 4th Quarter

2/24/2012 - Arizona Debate Ratings Indicate Voter Fatigue

2/23/2012 - NYT’s Bill Keller: “If We Were Objective, We Would Be Tedious to Read”

2/22/2012 - Chris Matthews: “Lean Forward Has Been a Winner for Us” [Video]

2/21/2012 - MSNBC President Predicts Future Success for Ed Schultz Despite Ratings Challenges

2/20/2012 - Al Sharpton “Lin’s Foward”

2/19/2012 - Matthews: “I Miss Buchanan”

2/18/2012 - CNN Producer Wins $1 Million in Georgia Lottery

2/17/2012 - Olbermann Debunked

2/16/2012 - The Obama Thrill Is Coming Back for Chris Matthews

2/15/2012 - Oprah Apologizes for Attempt to Goose Her OWN Ratings

2/14/2012 - Newsweek Swears by its Vulgarity

2/13/2012 - Washington Post Ombudsman Concerned About the Paper’s Future Amidst Buyouts

2/12/2012 - Conservative Group Launches Campaign to Bring Glenn Beck Back to Fox News

2/11/2012 - ABC Continues to Drag Down Disney

2/10/2012 - Sky News Restricts Employee Tweets

2/9/2012 - Washington Post Hopes Less Is More

2/8/2012 - Cable News Beats Social Media As a Campaign News Source

2/7/2012 - Fox News Now Worth $12.4 Billion

2/6/2012 - Chrysler Flacks for Obama in Super Bowl Ad [Video]

2/5/2012 - The View Defends Planned Parenthood, Slams Republicans [Video]

2/4/2012 - New Branded Twitter Pages Make Their Debut for NBC News, HuffPo, NPR

2/3/2012 - New York Times Revenue Slides in 4th Quarter

2/2/2012 - Al Gore Says that Current TV Isn’t Concerned with Balance

2/1/2012 - Matthews Calls The Washington Post the “Most Hawkish Paper in the Country”

2/1/2012 - MSNBC Slips to Third in Primetime Ratings Behind CNN

January 2012

1/31/2012 - Has Olbermann Worn Out His Welcome at Current?

1/30/2012 - Obama to Hold First Completely Virtual Town Hall Today

1/29/2012 - One Year Later, AOL Merger with HuffPo a Financial Failure

1/28/2012 - Putting on Ayers with Tucker Carlson

1/27/2012 - Chris Matthews Tells AZ Congressman that Unemployment Is Lower Than When Obama Took Office

1/27/2012 - Obama’s SOTU Ratings Continue to Fall

1/26/2012 - NBC Scores Big With GOP Debate

1/25/2012 - Round Two: Gingrich Spars With John King Again Over “Open Marriage” Question

1/24/2012 - WaPo Ombudsman Admits That the Post Has a “Liberal Tilt,” Calls for More Scrutiny of Obama’s Record

1/23/2012 - Joe Scarborough calls New Media “Evil” But Still Uses It

1/22/2012 - Herman Cain on Gingrich Response to Media: “Love It”

1/21/2012 - Obama Stands By Change

1/20/2012 - Gingrich Slams CNN, ABC Over “Open Marriage” Issue

1/19/2012 - Bill Clinton Calls MSNBC “Our Version of Fox”

1/18/2012 - AP Sets Up a Nerve Center to Help Employees with Twitter Issues

1/17/2012 - Rupert Murdoch Joins Twitter, Other Entertainment Execs Decline to Follow

1/16/2012 - Al Gore Says MSNBC Is All Over the Map While Current TV is “Consistent”

1/15/2012 - NYT Journalists to Cruise With Readers This Fall

1/14/2012 - Time is Running Out as Newsweek Continues to Slide

1/13/2012 - The New York Times Struggles with the Truth

1/12/2012 - Fox Wins N.H. Primary Coverage, MSNBC Finishes Third [Video]

1/11/2012 - ABC News Loves Katie Couric, Just Not for “World News”

1/10/2012 - GBTV Launching Online News Show

1/9/2012 - Chris Wallace Exposes DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz’s Double Standard [Video]

1/8/2012 - Gingrich Goes After Liberal Media Bias During New Hampshire Debate [Video]

1/7/2012 - Media Likes Bachmann More Now That She Isn’t Running for President

1/6/2012 - Ed Schultz Tells Liberal Critics to “Shut Up”

1/6/2012 - TIME’s Mark Halperin Admits the Media Are Going After Romney

1/5/2012 - Sign of Discontent: NYT’s Largest Union Sends Letter to Sulzberger With Over 500 Signatures

1/4/2012 - Chris Matthews: Iowa Caucus Showed the Power of Destruction [Video]

1/3/2012 - MSNBC’s Schultz Finally Discloses Three-Year Old NBC-Bain Capital Partnership [Video]

1/2/2012 - Hollywood Liberals Expressing Disappointment with Obama

1/1/2012 - Oprah Comes to the Aid of Her OWN Channel

December 2011

12/31/2011 - CNN Crows About Ratings Jump, Ignores Overall Ranking

12/30/2011 - Biden Gets Lukewarm Support from Hardball Audience in Iowa

12/29/2011 - Washington Post Also Apologizes for Story Linking Romney to the KKK

12/28/2011 - New York Times Staffers in Open Revolt Against Management

12/27/2011 - Christmas Message from Ronald Reagan

12/26/2011 - Glenn Who? “The Five” is Making Fox Forget Beck

12/25/2011 - Jay Carney’s “Nastygrams” Strain White House Press Relations

12/24/2011 - ABC News Wants Viewers to “See the Whole Picture”

12/23/2011 - Chris Matthews: Cut JFK Some Slack on Marital Infidelities

12/22/2011 - New York Times Set to Pay Departing CEO Over $15 Million

12/21/2011 - Bill Clinton Says That the Media Favored Obama Over Hillary in 2008

12/20/2011 - Shocker: Chris Matthews Exposed By “Hardball” Guest for Being a Partisan

12/19/2011 - Fox Flexes Its Muscle With Iowa GOP Debate Ratings

12/18/2011 - Shocker! Whoopi Goldberg Defends Romney’s “Zany” Quote [Video]

12/17/2011 - New Study Predicts the Death of Newspapers in Five Years

12/16/2011 - More Turmoil at The New York Times as CEO Retires Unexpectedly

12/15/2011 - Chris Matthews Apologizes for MSNBC Story Linking Romney to the KKK [Video]

12/14/2011 - Amanpour Flames Out at “This Week”

12/13/2011 - MSNBC Is Looking For a Few Good Liberals

12/12/2011 - ABC Scores Big With Republican Debate; Bias Remains

12/11/2011 - Anderson Cooper’s Show Giving MSNBC a Run for Its Money

12/10/2011 - Michael Moore Claims Occupy Movement Has 10 Million Leaders [Video]

12/9/2011 - Occupy Wall Street Takes Refuge in NY Office Building, Wishes Media Would Stop Asking About Goals

12/8/2011 - Michael Moore: I Have Been Part of the 1% [Video]

12/7/2011 - Matthews Admits That He May Have Believed Too Much in Obama in 2008 [Video]

12/7/2011 - Singer Jackson Browne Tells Olbermann that the Occupy Movement is “Extremely Confrontational, Not Violent”

12/6/2011 - Matthews: GOP Field is A “Diabolic Clown Show”

12/5/2011 - Panetta Channels MSNBC in Speech on Israel

12/4/2011 - Anderson Cooper Gives MSNBC’s Schultz a Beatdown Over GQ Tirade

12/3/2011 - Al Sharpton’s MSNBC News Ticker Goes for Advocacy Over News

12/2/2011 - Meghan McCain Shows the Love for Bachmann [Video]

12/2/2011 - Ed Schultz Tells GQ to “Kiss My A**” Over “Least Influential” Label

12/1/2011 - Fox News Continues to Crush the Competition

November 2011

11/30/2011 - DNC Attack on ABC’s Jake Tapper Fails

11/29/2011 - Garofalo: Media Let the Tea Party Slide [Video]

11/28/2011 - Chris Matthews: “National Media Leans a Little to the Left”

11/27/2011 - The New York Times Has A Romney Hair Fetish

11/26/2011 - Rather Blasts Corporate-Owned Media, Praises Occupy Movement

11/25/2011 - Sharpton Promo: GOP Have Pie All Over Their Faces

11/24/2011 - CNN’s Debate Ratings Plunge

11/23/2011 - CNN’s Debate Spin

11/22/2011 - Poll: Occupy Who?

11/21/2011 - Meghan McCain Joins MSNBC As a Paid Contributor

11/20/2011 - Cavuto Tells Imus to Quit Blaming Viewers for His “Awful” Show [Video]

11/19/2011 - Associated Press Reminds Reporters to Not Break the News With a Tweet

11/18/2011 - ABC Fails to Find the “Occupy” Message

11/17/2011 - Michael Moore: Obama is Trying to Destroy Occupy Movement

11/16/2011 - Matthews: GOP Nomination Process Full of Hate

11/15/2011 - Struggling Newsweek Makes Editorial Changes

11/14/2011 - Cenk Uygur: “I Was Fired Despite Great Ratings” — Record Says Otherwise

11/14/2011 - CBS Scores With Debate Ratings, Loses With Internet Viewers

11/13/2011 - Lefty Tom Hayden Warns Occupy Movement Not to Overstep

11/12/2011 - CNN to Lay off 50 Staffers; Photojournalists Lose Out to Smartphones, Flip Cams

11/11/2011 - Van Jones: Occupy Movement Has “Matured”

11/10/2011 - White House: No Apology from Obama “Hot Mic” Comments About Netanyahu

11/10/2011 - David Gregory Uses KKK “Grand Wizard” Analogy to Describe GOP Leadership, Later Apologizes

11/9/2011 - NBC Passes on Asking Bill Clinton About Sexual Harassment

11/8/2011 - Jesse Jackson: Occupy Oakland Violence Due to “Some Provocateurs” With Bricks

11/8/2011 - Poll: Majority Say Media are Dishonest

11/7/2011 - Occupy LA Protester: “Nothing Positive Can Come About Unless You Get Rid of America and Everything It Stands For”

11/7/2011 - Chris Matthews: Obama Needs to “Give Us Purpose” to Win Reelection [Video]

11/6/2011 - Michael Moore Calls Reporter “Punk Media” Over Net Worth Question [Video]

11/5/2011 - C-SPAN Spices Up Breaks with Congressional Tweets

11/4/2011 - The Associated Press’ New Guidance on “Retweeting” Creates Uproar

11/4/2011 - Chris Matthews Literally Swears He Didn’t Use a Ghostwriter for New Book

11/2/2011 - Chris Matthews: “Still Time to Build an Obama Party”

11/2/2011 - The Washington Post Gets “Occupied”

11/2/2011 - CNN Takes A Bite Out of MSNBC’s Ratings

11/1/2011 - New Website Attempts to Bring Transparency to Journalism

October 2011

10/31/2011 - Newsweek’s Future in Doubt

10/31/2011 - Obama: Pelosi “One of the Best Speakers of the House” and “Will Be…Again in 2013”

10/30/2011 - WH Chief of Staff: Obama Administration’s First Three Years Have Been “Brutal”

10/29/2011 - NYT’s Kristof Jabs HLN for Crime Reporting

10/28/2011 - Washington Post Executive Named MacNeil/Lehrer Productions CEO

10/27/2011 - Christiane Amanpour May Be Headed Back to CNN

10/27/2011 - MSNBC’s Jansing Defends Network, Claims That Daytime Programming is Balanced

10/26/2011 - Hacker Group “Anonymous” Threatens to Take Down Fox News Website Over OWS Coverage

10/26/2011 - Need A Job? Current TV is Looking for an Executive Producer

10/26/2011 - Local Press Banned from Obama San Fran Fundraiser

10/25/2011 - NPR Host Leaves Hosting Duties While Her Husband Works for Obama Campaign

10/24/2011 - CNN’s Crowley Explores Biden Rape Claim

10/24/2011 - Christiane Amanpour and Hillary Clinton Both Mock Herman Cain on “This Week”

10/23/2011 - Strong Ratings Propel Republican Debates To the Top

10/22/2011 - WaPo Ombudsman Hits Paper for Poor Copy-Editing

10/21/2011 - Occupy DC Spokeswoman Fired from NPR Gig

10/20/2011 - MSNBC, Looking to Improve Ratings, Rejiggers Primetime Lineup

10/19/2011 - Philadelphia Daily News Is Okay with Liberal Media Bias

10/18/2011 - P.U. to Pew Media Bias Survey

10/17/2011 - Obama Campaign Selling “Birth Certificate” Mugs

10/16/2011 - W.H. Chief of Staff Says Some in the Media “Carry Water” for Politicians [Video]

10/15/2011 - Sharpton Compares His Jobs March to “Occupation Wall Street” [Video]

10/14/2011 - “Today Show” Speculation About Biden’s Future as VP Irks White House

10/14/2011 - N.Y. Times New Motto: All the Staff That’s Fit to Cut

10/13/2011 - Former Michigan Gov. Granholm Gets Her Own Show on Current TV

10/12/2011 - Bill Keller Calls The New York Times “Socially Liberal”

10/11/2011 - Jay Carney: Don’t listen to what the President says, figure out what he means

10/10/2011 - Slim Pickings as Mexican Billionaire Increases His NY Times Stake

10/9/2011 - Pelosi: “I Support the Message of Occupy Wall Street”

10/8/2011 - “Good Morning America” Gaining Ground on “Today Show” in Ratings

10/7/2011 - MSNBC’s Ratigan and Schultz Spar Over Obama Jobs Bill

10/6/2011 - White House Press Secretary Doesn’t Think Reporters are Tough Enough

10/5/2011 - Joe Biden Forgets Who Former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Is [Video]

10/5/2011 - Obama Blasts Cantor and the GOP on Jobs Bill, No Mention of Harry Reid [Video]

10/4/2011 - Michelle Obama, the Target Shopper

10/3/2011 - Hardball Hosts “The Great Democratic Debate” Tonight

10/2/2011 - News Corp’s “Daily” Still Struggling

10/1/2011 - CNN’s Erin Burnett on Her New Show: “I Won’t Be Studying the Ratings”

September 2011

9/30/2011 - Society of Professional Journalists Says “No Mas” to Term “Illegal Alien”

9/29/2011 - NBC News Prez Thinks It’s Okay for News Division to Take a Stand

9/28/2011 - MSNBC Is Losing Viewers to CNN

9/28/2011 - Liberal Ladies of “The View” Discriminate Against Chris Christie

9/27/2011 - Koppel Chides Nightline for Being More Interested in Entertainment Than News

9/27/2011 - Chris Matthews: GOP Campaign is about Heat and Hate

9/26/2011 - Maxine Waters on Obama’s CBC Speech: “I’m not sure who the President was talking to”

9/25/2011 - Slow Website Load Time Irks WaPo Ombudsman

9/24/2011 - Fox News/Google GOP Scores Big In the Ratings

9/23/2011 - Poll: 55% of Americans Distrust the Media

9/22/2011 - The Gray Lady is Singing the Blues

9/22/2011 - Former NPR News Vice President Moves to Center for Public Integrity

9/21/2011 - Current TV Picks Up MSNBC Castoff Uygur

9/21/2011 - NY Times Bill Keller: “Obama Is In Danger of Being A One-Term President”

9/20/2011 - Poll: Fox News Is the “Best” TV News Network

9/19/2011 - Counting Down Olbermann’s Ratings

9/18/2011 - CNN’s Anderson Cooper Beats MSNBC Twice in One Night

9/17/2011 - Obama Is Up, With Twitter Followers

9/16/2011 - NY Times Exec Editor Abramson: “Our Mandate Is to Keep the Paper Straight”

9/16/2011 - White House: Solyndra Exec’s Visit Was for Charitable Purposes

9/15/2011 - Liberal NY Times Trashes New Anti-Palin Book

9/15/2011 - Olbermann Calls Conservative Media Critic a Dip**** on Twitter

9/14/2011 - Chicago Tribune Not Running “Doonesbury” Strips Over Palin Book Excerpts

9/14/2011 - Gore Goes Full Bor(ing) on Global Warming Today

9/14/2011 - Olbermann Chides Glenn Beck on GBTV Launch Even Though “Countdown” Has a Smaller Audience

9/13/2011 - CNN Tea Party Debate Intro Pays Homage to WWE

9/13/2011 - Ed Henry: “Everybody Freaked Out When I Started Asking Tough Questions At Fox”

9/13/2011 - Rumsfeld Cancels New York Times Subscription Over Krugman 9/11 Comments

9/12/2011 - Glenn Beck TV Launches Today, Already Bigger Than Oprah’s Network

9/11/2011 - WaPo CEO Graham “Disappointed” in Stock Price

9/10/2011 - AP Removes Story on Perry Campaigning During Wildfires

9/9/2011 - Gingrich Blasts Liberal Media, Chris Wallace Calls Him “Kind of Sad”

9/9/2011 - MSNBC Crushes Fox Thanks to GOP Debate

9/8/2011 - Robert Gibbs Rips Chris Matthews for “Crazy, Unfounded Accusations” Against Obama

9/8/2011 - Al Gore Accuses Obama of Bowing to Polluters

9/7/2011 - White House Refuses to Disavow Teamsters President Hoffa’s ‘SOB ‘ Comments

9/6/2011 - Two Out of Four Liberals Agree that Health Care Reform Was Obama’s Biggest Mistake [Video]

9/5/2011 - Former VP Dick Cheney Pooh-Pooh’s Liberal Media Bias

9/3/2011 - W.H. Press Secretary Carney Admits He “Had A Lot to Learn” When He Began Job

9/3/2011 - Summer Bummer for MSNBC as It Loses to CNN in August

9/2/2011 - Sharpton Caught Unaware of MSNBC Campaign Endorsement Policy

9/1/2011 - Obama Tells Supporters That He Is “Frustrated” with Congress

August 2011

8/31/2011 - Sharpton Debuts to Poor Reviews, Says He Won’t Be A Robot [Video]

8/30/2011 - Newsweek’s Dan Stone: ‘Cheney memoir Doesn’t Look Forward’

8/30/2011 - N.Y. Times Biz Editor Can’t Take the Heat From Paper’s Public Editor

8/29/2011 - Heee’s Back! Al Gore Compares Climate Skeptics to 1960s Civil Rights Racists

8/28/2011 - NY Times’ Keller Compares Religion to Belief in Space Aliens

8/27/2011 - Rick Perry Sets Up Twitter Truth Squad

8/26/2011 - Comcast Employees Biggest Obama Campaign Donors

8/25/2011 - Help Wanted: Obama Campaign Looking for Someone With Common Sense

8/25/2011 - Newspaper Recession Continues, Bay Area News Folds Nine Papers

8/24/2011 - CNN International Needs A Geography Lesson

8/23/2011 - Rev. Al Gets A Job at MSNBC

8/23/2011 - Piers Morgan Calls Keith Olbermann a “Coward” in Twitter Feud

8/22/2011 - NYT’s Friedman: “Three Years Is Too Soon to Tell If the Media Blew It on Vetting Obama in 2008” [Video]

8/21/2011 - Axelrod Admits That Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Rely on Old Ideas

8/20/2011 - Sharpton’s Awkward Dead Air Segment

8/19/2011 - WaPo Executive Editor may Have to Eat His Words

8/19/2011 - Garofalo: “Herman Cain is Being Paid By Somebody to Run for President, Helps GOP Deflect Racism Charges”

8/18/2011 - Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘Obama AWOL from Black Communities’ [Video]

8/17/2011 - N.Y. Times Frustrated With Obama

8/17/2011 - CNN’s Prime Time Woes Continue

8/16/2011 - New Current TV Network President Promises It Will Be a ‘Counterpoint to Fox News’

8/15/2011 - Viewers Losing Interest in Olbermann As Ratings Drop To A New Low

8/14/2011 - Newsweek Continues to Lose Ground Against Time

8/13/2011 - CBS to Bill Itself As the Network of “Original Reporting”

8/12/2011 - Matthews: “Something Has Broken Bad Lately” for Obama

8/11/2011 - Murdoch Gets the Last Laugh on Liberals as News Corp Profits Soar 45%

8/10/2011 - The HuffPo Effect: AOL Stock Hits All-Time Low

8/9/2011 - Chris Mathews: “Newsweek Cover of Bachmann Made Her Look Like Gaddafi”

8/8/2011 - Black Journalists Criticize Potential Sharpton Hiring at MSNBC

8/7/2011 - Former Obama Economic Adviser Romer Drops F-Bomb

8/6/2011 - Maddow Gets Caught Using Old Limbaugh Birther Clip, Apologizes

8/5/2011 - John Kerry: “Media Shouldn’t Give Equal Time to the Tea Party’s Absurd Notions”

8/5/2011 - ABC’s Jake Tapper Nails Jay Carney on Obama’s Job Creation Plans

8/4/2011 - Fox News’ Ed Henry: “I Like to Play for a First Place Team”

8/4/2011 - CBS News Chairman Thinks Network Lost Viewers Under Couric

8/3/2011 - MSNBC President: “We’re Beginning to Chip Away at Fox News”

8/2/2011 - PBS to Spread Its Bias Across the Pond

8/1/2011 - Al Jazeera English Breaks Through in New York

July 2011

7/31/2011 - Online Seattle PostGlobe Newspaper Folds

7/30/2011 - Current TV CEO Rosenthal Out, Replaced by Gore Buddy Hyatt

7/29/2011 - Matthews’ Bad Math: “Half the Debt Came from Bush”

7/29/2011 - Van Susteren Calls Carney “Petty;” Says White House Needs to “Give It A Rest”

7/28/2011 - Round Two: White House Spox Carney Goes After Fox’s Henry Again

7/28/2011 - Joy Behar Mocks Bachmann Makeup Expenses: “Maybe She Should Pray the Gray Away” [Video]

7/27/2011 - White House’s Carney Loses Patience, Turns on Press Corps

7/26/2011 - Liberal Bob Beckel Compares MSNBC-Fox News Rivalry to “A Kindergartner Playing Baseball Against the Yankees”

7/25/2011 - NYT’s Keller Kills His Magazine Column

7/25/2011 - Cenk Uygur: “I Love Ripping Into Republicans”

7/24/2011 - Olbermann Takes a Swipe at MSNBC Over Sharpton Hiring

7/23/2011 - Tops News Sites in Satisfaction Survey, HuffPo Last

7/22/2011 - L.A. Times Grows Digitally, Lags Otherwise

7/21/2011 - MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer Gets an Economics Lesson from GOP Congressman

7/20/2011 - Olbermann Lures Guests to New Show with Cash

7/19/2011 - MSNBC Looking to Sharpton to Boost Ratings

7/18/2011 - CBS’s Schieffer Maintains that Bad Economy is Mostly Bush’s Fault

7/17/2011 - MSNBC’s Ratigan: “I Wouldn’t Read a Newspaper Now Unless You Put a Gun to My Head”

7/16/2011 - News Corp Scandal Creates Opportunity

7/15/2011 - MSNBC President: “We’re Not As Biased As Fox News”

7/15/2011 - Beginning of the End, Set to Die on July 19

7/14/2011 - Olbermann: ‘Murdoch Blackmailed Me’

7/13/2011 - NBC’s Gregory Nails Treasury Secretary Geithner on Obama Economy

7/12/2011 - Aggregator HuffPo Apologizes for Aggregation, Suspends Reporter

7/11/2011 - Broadcast News Anchors Don’t Give A Tweet

7/10/2011 - AP Tells Staff to Keep Their Opinions to Themselves

7/9/2011 - Newsweek Takes A Giant Step Backward With Princess Di Cover

7/8/2011 - NAACP Decries ‘White’ CNN Prime Time Lineup

7/8/2011 - MSNBC Nixes Matthews Cameo in HBO Pilot

7/7/2011 - FACTS: Obama’s Town Hall Lacked Them

7/6/2011 - CNN Revamps Lineup—Spitzer Out

7/6/2011 - Olbermann’s Ratings Plunge in Second Week

7/5/2011 - Newspaper Biz Stumbling Again

7/4/2011 - V.P. Biden Joins Twitter, Precautions Taken to Avoid Gaffes

7/3/2011 - L.A. Times Reporters “Tweet” Thoughts on Social Media

7/2/2011 - CNN Sticks to Its Plan

7/1/2011 - FishbowlLA’s Fleischer Blames MSNBC’s Scarborough for Halperin’s “D” Word Fiasco

June 2011

6/30/2011 - Carney is the White House’s Non-Answer Man

6/29/2011 - Why Ed Henry Left CNN for Fox

6/28/2011 - America’s Confidence in Newspapers Increases to a Whopping 28%

6/27/2011 - L.A. Station That Dumped PBS Now Broadcasting Al Jazeera English

6/26/2011 - Survey: Nearly Half of Voters Think Reporters Are More Liberal Than They Are

6/25/2011 - A Little Less Free Speech at the New York Times

6/24/2011 - MSNBC Wins, Olbermann Backs off Extending Program

6/24/2011 - Matthews: “Corrupt Media on the Right” Lying About Climate Change

6/24/2011 - S.E. Cupp: ‘GBTV Will Change The Way We Get News’ [Video]

6/23/2011 - Olbermann’s Less Than Stellar Ratings Debut

6/22/2011 - Ed Henry’s Move to Fox Raises Media Matters’ Ire

6/21/2011 - Olbermann Gets Mixed Reviews for “New” Countdown

6/21/2011 - Are the Media Building Up Bachmann to Bring Down Romney? [Video]

6/20/2011 - Olbermann Aims Low By Targeting MSNBC

6/19/2011 - Gay Rights Activist Fails to “Glitter” Bachmann

6/18/2011 - This Week’s Bad Week

6/17/2011 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: “Republicans Should Also Show the Same Kind of Character that Anthony Weiner Did Today”

6/17/2011 - Weiner Who? Pelosi Ignores Scandal to Criticize GOP About Jobs

6/16/2011 - Newsweek to Cut Red Ink By Cutting Issues

6/15/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Reverses Course, Praises Bachmann

6/14/2011 - Pelley Fails To Lift CBS

6/13/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Comes Up Empty on Palin Emails

6/12/2011 - Lib Comedian Garofalo: ‘Weiner is Being Thrown Under the Bus’

6/11/2011 - New N.Y. Times Executive Editor Gets Social Joins Twitter

6/10/2011 - N.Y. Times, HuffPo Squabble Over Web Traffic

6/9/2011 - That Was Fast, MSNBC’s Schultz Attacks Breitbart Over Weiner Photo

6/8/2011 - Matthews Fails to Convince Dem Congresswoman that Bush Tax Cuts Were All Bad

6/7/2011 - Goolsbee Defends Obama Economic Plan on ABC on Sunday, Resigns on Monday

6/6/2011 - Pelosi Blames GOP for Unemployment [Video]

6/5/2011 - The Day Nancy Grace Almost Beat Bill O’Reilly

6/4/2011 - SPJ Gets Caught With Its Email Down

6/3/2011 - Why Did NYT’s Keller Resign?

6/2/2011 - Paul Begala Says Anthony Weiner Story Is ‘Nothing’

6/2/2011 - NBC Set to Hire NPR Retread Vivian Schiller

6/1/2011 - Washington Post Reporting Flubs the Flub

6/1/2011 - Matthews Thinks It’s ‘Dandy’ That Kucinich Could Run in Washington State

May 2011

5/31/2011 - L.A. Times Explains Obama’s ‘Intellectual Stammer’

5/30/2011 - Florida Governor Just Says No to PBS Funding

5/29/2011 - N.Y. Times Uses Twitter to Report from Devastated Joplin

5/28/2011 - Murdoch Has A Daily Headache

5/27/2011 - Warning! Chris Matthews Now Wants Palin to Run for President

5/26/2011 - NPR Ombudsman Finally Questions Soros Funding

5/25/2011 - Obama Still Thrilling Chris Matthews

5/24/2011 - Chris Matthews Thinks It’s ‘Unusual’ for The GOP to Stand With Israel and Against Obama

5/23/2011 - PBS Facing Station Defections

5/22/2011 - Social Media’s Influence on Journalism Continues to Grow

5/21/2011 - Katie Who? CBS Scrubs Network of Couric Images

5/20/2011 - Orbitz Refuses to Participate in Media Matters’ ‘Smear Campaign’ Against Fox

5/20/2011 - Poll: Fox Most Trusted Political News Source

5/19/2011 - CNN’s Spitzer Mum on Schwarzenegger Scandal

5/18/2011 - White House Press Office Shows Its Bias

5/18/2011 - Leaning Left, Matthews Allows Audience Member to Accuse GOP of White Supremacy

5/18/2011 - CNN Omits Spitzer From Sex Scandal Story

5/17/2011 - For the Liberal Media, Food Stamps Equal Racism

5/16/2011 - Advertisers Not Ready to Gamble on “NewsBeast”

5/15/2011 - Howard Fineman: Judge Obama on Values Not Performance

5/14/2011 - Obama’s CNN Foreign Policy Adviser

5/13/2011 - Huffington Disses NY Times Paywall

5/12/2011 - New Olbermann Show Hits a Snag

5/11/2011 - More Bad Press, Cable News Beating Print on the Web

5/10/2011 - Media Largely Misses Yemeni Passenger Story

5/9/2011 - WaPo’s Earnings S(t)ink

5/8/2011 - Carney Brings Down the White House

5/7/2011 - Twitter Journalism

5/6/2011 - Deception: Situation Room Photo Staged

5/6/2011 - Bad Day for Liberals, As Fox News Profits Soar

5/5/2011 - Jeff Zucker: ‘No Secret Meeting to Turn MSNBC to the Left’

5/4/2011 - David Shuster: ‘Obama Should String Out Bin Laden Story to Blunt GOP’

5/3/2011 - Obama Girl Behar: “Skip the Next Election”

5/2/2011 - Twitter Scoops the Networks on Osama Bin Laden News

5/1/2011 - Money Losing Boston Globe Attracts A Buyer

April 2011

4/30/2011 - Journalism Tops List of Most Useless Degrees

4/29/2011 - HuffPo to Absorb “AOL News”

4/29/2011 - Soros: “Fox Can’t be Neutralized”

4/28/2011 - MSNBC Leads “Birther” Talk

4/27/2011 - Couric: ‘Anchor Chair Was Pretty Confining’

4/26/2011 - Olbermann’s New Old “Countdown”

4/26/2011 - Maddow: ‘No Political Agenda at MSNBC’

4/26/2011 - MSNBC’s Roberts: ‘Planned Parenthood Has A Branding Problem’

4/25/2011 - Maddow on HuffPo: ‘Used To Be Liberal, But Who Knows Anymore’

4/24/2011 - HuffPo’s Fineman Blames GOP Congress for Obama’s Low Poll Numbers

4/23/2011 - Spitzer Still Sputtering

4/22/2011 - Shocker! MSNBC’s Matthews Praises National Review

4/22/2011 - What Recovery? N.Y. Times Earnings Fall 58%

4/21/2011 - WaPo’s Capehart: ‘I Care Deeply About the Democratic Party’

4/21/2011 - HuffPo Exec: ‘AOL Is More Conservative Than We Are’

4/20/2011 - CBS’ Cost Cutting Doesn’t Extend to CEO’s Paycheck

4/19/2011 - Sign of the Times: University of Colorado Votes to Close J-School

4/19/2011 - Brokaw to Moderate Earth Day Town Hall

4/18/2011 - Al Sharpton: ‘Media Promotes Black on Black Fight’

4/17/2011 - She’s Baack! Helen Thomas to Address Pro-Palestinan Conference

4/16/2011 - Moyers Ends PBS Comeback

4/15/2011 - Blogger Suing HuffPo Doesn’t Pay His Own Bloggers

4/15/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Calls Fox News a “Roach Motel” for GOP Candidates

4/15/2011 - Matthews Lauds New DNC Chairman Wasserman Schultz

4/14/2011 - New York Times is Reduced to Giving Away Free Umbrellas

4/14/2011 - AP Gets Punk’d Over GE Tax Refund Story

4/13/2011 - Barbara Walters Fails to “Make News” with Couric

4/12/2011 - New York Times Paywall Up, Web Traffic Down

4/11/2011 - News Anchors Losing Influence

4/10/2011 - Juan Williams Showing His Lefty Stripes Blasts Tea Party on Budget Deal

4/9/2011 - HuffPo Traffic Surges After Merger

4/8/2011 - NYT’s Sulzberger:’Paywall Will Make It Harder for Poor People To Access Content’

4/7/2011 - Chris Matthews Congratulates Media Matters for Fox-Beck Breakup

4/6/2011 - Former NPR CEO Calls Video Stings an “Abomination”

4/6/2011 - Olbermann: “Most Conservatives Are Wildly Stupid”

4/5/2011 - NBC News’ New Ad Pitch: We’re Older But Cheaper

4/4/2011 - It’s Almost Official: Couric is Leaving CBS

4/4/2011 - Howard Dean: ‘Fox News is Propaganda – MSNBC’s Facts Are True’

4/3/2011 - Bill Moyers Mulls A Return to PBS

4/2/2011 - The Daily Struggles to Find an Audience

4/1/2011 - Media Matters’ Bad Beck Math

March 2011

3/31/2011 - Ex-NPR CEO Schiller: “I Plan to Stay In Journalism”

3/30/2011 - NBC News Silent on GE Tax Issue

3/30/2011 - MSNBC’s Griffin: ‘We’re Setting Our Sights on Fox’

3/30/2011 - Bye-Bye Katie, CBS News Ratings Lowest Since 1992

3/29/2011 - WaPo Publisher Gets a Fat Paycheck, Newsroom Gets Cuts

3/29/2011 - Ted Koppel: Don’t Look to Fox, MSNBC for Objectivity

3/28/2011 - NPR Ekes Out A Surplus and Hosts Make Out Like Bandits

3/27/2011 - Olbermann Gives Some Friendly Advice to Obama on Libya

3/27/2011 - Report: Couric Out, Pelley In At CBS Evening News

3/26/2011 - CNN: “Aggressively Independent”

3/25/2011 - Former CNN Anchor Takes A Swipe at Cable News

3/25/2011 - Beck’s Ratings Bounce Back

3/24/2011 - Diane Sawyer Evades Kalb’s Fox News Trap

3/23/2011 - Viewers Tune Out MSNBC

3/22/2011 - Ex-NPR President Says She’s Still A Fan

3/21/2011 - The Deadbeat MSNBC Anchor

3/21/2011 - What Liberal Bias? Biden Hires WaPo Reporter

3/20/2011 - Helen Thomas: Jews ‘Own the White House’

3/19/2011 - New York Times Faces an Uphill Battle with Paywall

3/18/2011 - Surprise! NPR Board Gives Heavily to Democrats

3/18/2011 - N.Y. Times- HuffPo Battle Rages On

3/17/2011 - Washington Post Website: Fair and Balanced?

3/17/2011 - Couric Talking to ABC

3/16/2011 - Matthews to Leno: “I Want to Be Somewhat Nonpartisan”

3/16/2011 - Japan Quake Causes Viewers to Flee MSNBC

3/15/2011 - MSNBC Gets A Little Gun Shy

3/14/2011 - Death Knell: Online News Readership Surpasses Newspapers For the First Time

3/14/2011 - MSNBC’s Ratigan: Left Won’t Criticize Obama Because He Is a Black Liberal

3/13/2011 - Ed Schultz Leans Forward At a Non-Union Shipyard.

3/12/2011 - NPR Videos Are Not What They Seem

3/11/2011 - NPR Journos, Hosts Are “Appalled” at Exec’s Remarks

3/11/2011 - New York Times’ Keller Declares War on HuffPo

3/10/2011 - O’Keefe Releases New NPR Video

3/10/2011 - Morning Joe Panel Calls NPR a ‘Half Minute News Story’

3/10/2011 - Oops! PBS Admits to Meeting With Fake O’Keefe Group

3/9/2011 - NPR’s Vivian Schiller Resigns

3/9/2011 - Overpriced Olbermann at MSNBC

3/8/2011 - NPR Prez: ‘We Receive Lots of Criticism for Being Too Conservative’

3/8/2011 - Dan Rather: ‘I Felt Like Hell After CBS Dumped Me’

3/8/2011 - New WaPo Ombudsman Likes What He Sees

3/7/2011 - Will Fox News and Glenn Beck Part Company?

3/7/2011 - N.Y. Times Executive Editor Calls Fox Viewers ‘AmongThe Most Cynical People on Planet Earth’

3/6/2011 - Spitzer Sputters “In The Arena”

3/5/2011 - Arianna Huffington Tells Bloggers: ‘Go Ahead and Strike’

3/4/2011 - Olbermann: ‘Current TV Audience Will Be As Large As Any Other Cable News Channel’

3/3/2011 - Hillary Clinton: America is Losing An Information War to Al Jazeera

3/3/2011 - Obama Tries to Manage the Press

3/2/2011 - MSNBC and CNN Spin the Ratings

3/1/2011 - Piers Morgan: ‘America Needs Facts’

3/1/2011 - After Parker Spitzer John King May be Next

February 2011

2/28/2011 - CNN Gives In to Spitzer, Dumps Parker

2/27/2011 - Ho Hum Olbermann Launches FOK News Channel

2/26/2011 - CBS Legal Drama Portrays Tea Party as Racist

2/25/2011 - Spitzer Ready to Go Solo at CNN

2/24/2011 - SPJ Blasts Prankster for Call to Wisconsin Governor

2/24/2011 - Olbermann at Current TV: “I’m In Charge”

2/24/2011 - CBS News Chairman: ‘Evening News Isn’t Broken, It’s Incredible’

2/23/2011 - Al-Jazeera’s D.C. Bureau Chief: “I Don’t Know What Objective Journalism Is”

2/22/2011 - Wisconsin Protesters Try to Disrupt Fox News

2/22/2011 - O’Donnell Channels Olbermann

2/21/2011 - CNN Says Docs Writing Sick Notes for WI Protestors are Just ‘Helping Out’