Accuracy in Media

In a colossal case of political correctness the Australian Olympic Committee has ordered athletes to sign guidelines which limit them to speaking to the media only about sports at the Olympic games which takes place next year in Beijing.

This means that they are barred from speaking on China’s human rights record or the situation in Tibet.  In addition the guidelines state that they are banned from any “kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda” at the games as well.

The AOC secretary-general Craig Phillips told the Herald Sun that the athletes would be “counselled” by team captains to not make political statements.

Three-time Olympic silver medalist Raelene Boyle said that “We live in a free world and a democratic world-we should be able to say what we want to say,” and that the gag order was a “sad” attempt to impose political correctness on the athletes.

If the athletes don’t sign the agreement they won’t be allowed to compete.

It looks like the AOC is practicing a little of its own human rights abuse so as not to offend the Chinese government.

While I don’t want to see the Olympics being turned into a political spectacle like 1968 games in Mexico where athletes gave a Black Power salute on the medal stand, to ban them from speaking their mind in a country rife with human rights and other problems is just plain stupid and another example of how politically correct thinking trumps common sense to everyone’s detriment.

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