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keith olbermann yellKeith Olbermann, who resurfaced this week with the announcement that he will be hosting a new show, Olbermann, on ESPN2 starting in August, made it clear that while his show will not be about politics, he could still do politics if he wanted to:

The key three or four words about this are, ‘it’s a sports show.’ The idea that I would want to do anything that was not specifically sports related–even in a political context–I don’t know where this came from. If I wanted to do politics I would still be doing politics. This is something else.

He could do politics if any network wanted to put him back on the air. But he has burned that bridge, with his firings from both MSNBC and Current TV in the last two years, which left the loudmouth liberal without a national platform for his brand of politics.

Olbermann, who was averaging about one million viewers a night at MSNBC where his show aired during primetime, will be facing a much smaller audience at ESPN2, where his show will air at 11 p.m. ET. In the last quarter, ESPN2 averaged 244,000 viewers a day.

It’s quite a comedown for Olbermann, but it’s still more than he deserves.

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