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Olbermann at Current TV: “I’m In Charge”

New York Post gossip maven, Cindy Adams, [1] dished on Keith Olbermann and his new gig at Al Gore’s Current TV. When asked about why MSNBC dropped him, Olbermann said “I don’t really know why,” ignoring all the controversy surrounding his suspension for making political donations and his squabbling with MSNBC president Phil Griffin.

Asked about his role at Current TV Olbermann responded:

“I start beginning June. Al Gore‘s Current TV, station 103 in Manhattan. My producers and staff suggest I even veer a little to the middle politically. No cut in salary. In fact, I’m in charge. I’m the news director. So I’ll stay on one hour longer, but I’m in charge of that, too. If we’re long, then I’m on a little more and the next show’s a little short.”

No cut in salary? Maybe he’s factoring in what MSNBC owes him through next year, because unless Al Gore is directly giving Olbermann some of his profits from his scaremongering global warming movie, it’s hard to believe that Current TV can both afford and justify paying Keith $5 million plus per year. Especially for a network with virtually no audience to speak of.

It’s also laughable that Olbermann will veer to the center politically.  That’s not how he made his mark at MSNBC, and that’s not why Gore brought him on board. Olbermann caters to the far left and Current is hoping that once his program launches, he can siphon some viewers from MSNBC- which won’t be easy since the network isn’t widely available on most cable systems.

As for being in charge I have two words for Olbermann, Al Haig.