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Obama Stands By Change

In 2008 Barack Obama swept to victory behind the slogan, “Change We Can Believe In.”

This year Obama is following up the change theme by listing exactly what he claims as his accomplishments during his three years in office.

These accomplishments can be found on the back of the new campaign t-shirt [1] and are listed in chronological order.

For those who don’t want to fork over $30 for the t-shirt, here are Obama’s accomplishments as they appear on the shirt.

I won’t break down the problems with each of these “changes,” but Obama didn’t “save” the auto industry as much as he bailed it out with taxpayer money.

Then there is the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, under which HHS has granted 1,231 waivers to companies and unions, exempting them from the law’s benefit caps until 2014.

And of course the campaign, with good reason, is avoiding any mention of the economy, unemployment or the national debt.

Obama can try to run from his record on the pocketbook issues, but he won’t be able to hide from the truth.