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President Obama, whose poll numbers are down across the board from when he first took office, received some good news this week when his Twitter-follower numbers crossed the 10 million mark making him the third most followed person on the social network.

Obama now trails only pop stars Lady Gaga, with 13.5 million followers, and Justin Bieber with 12.6 million. He is just ahead of celebrities Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears.

That puts the President in some pretty good company if being a celebrity is what the presidency is all about. But it’s not.

Despite his mega Twitter following Obama isn’t very active on the service. He has tweeted less than 2,000 times since joining the service on March 5, 2007.  Heck, I’ve been on Twitter for one less year and I have sent out more than 18,000 tweets and that’s not even close to many active Twitter users. Surely the President and his staff have a lot to say, but they sure don’t say much on Twitter.

Perhaps for Obama it is all just a marketing ploy.

To celebrate crossing the threshold the Obama campaign has issued a Twitter t-shirt listing the administration’s accomplishments in the hashtag format that is so prevalent on Twitter.

What exactly are these accomplishments? Well, according to the shirt they are #DADT, #AffordableCareAct, #EqualPay, #CreditCardReform, #WallStreetReform, #IraqDrawdown, #MiddleClassTaxCut, #CleanEnergy, #AutoRecovery, #HateCrimesBill, #StudentLoanReform.

All this for just $25.

I’d be more impressed if the money went to paying down the debt Obama has piled on since becoming President rather than to his reelection campaign. But that’s politics.

I would make a t-shirt with all of Obama’s failures on them, but that would require microscopic print to fit them all in.

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