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Obama Blames “Circumstances” for Decimation of Democratic Party During his Presidency [Video]

In an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, President Obama accepted some blame for the decimation of the Democratic Party during his tenure in office.

Stephanopoulos said that the Democratic Party got pretty “hollowed out” during the last eight years with the loss of about 1,000 seats in Congress, the Senate, governorships and state legislatures. He asked Obama if that was his fault.

“I take some responsibility for that,” Obama said. “I think that some of it was circumstances.”

He said that those circumstances included taking office in the middle of the financial crisis, low housing prices and high unemployment, which meant that the party in power would take a hit. Obama added that his busy schedule also contributed to the party’s losses, as he couldn’t be both the chief organizer of the Democratic Party and Commander-in-Chief. He said that what needs to happen over the long haul is to “rebuild the Democratic Party at the ground level.”

What Obama failed to mention is that his policies—particularly Obamacare—were the main reasons that the Democratic Party lost so much ground during his tenure, as voters revolted against higher taxes, increased regulation and the loss of personal liberties that Obama and the Democrats were responsible for.

Democrats thought the election of Obama would be the beginning of a permanent Democratic majority, only to find that that they are instead at the brink of destruction.