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New York Times op-ed columnist Nick Kristof wasn’t too enamored with the cable network HLN during his visit to Vietnam and tweeted his displeasure: Watching CNN HLN from Vietnam. And thinking that HLN has really gone downhill. Shld be renamed the crime channel, no?

Kristof then decided to ask his followers for some ideas and here are some of the suggestions:

Scare the Heck out of White People Channel
The Amber Alert Network for White Women
“Nancy Grace Yells” channel

That raised the ire of HLN morning anchor Robin Meade, who tweeted to Kristoff: have u ever tuned in for my morning show the last few years?

Kristof responded: I’m not sure. Am I being unfair to the whole channel?

Does that include fellow liberal Joy Behar? After all it is a crime that she is on television.

Kristof should distinguish, though, that he was really talking about the primetime programming at HLN which has been boosted in the ratings by covering the more sensationalistic aspects of various crime stories over the last few years. Their daytime programming is comprised of headline news, which is what the channel was originally named.

But maybe Meade was right and Kristof hasn’t been watching lately. Otherwise he would have known that before he tweeted his thoughts.

Next time, Nick, just tune into CNN International. That should make you happy.

(h/t TVNewswer)

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