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NYT’s Friedman: “Three Years Is Too Soon to Tell If the Media Blew It on Vetting Obama in 2008” [Video]

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, The New York Times‘ Thomas Friedman told Howard Kurtz that it was still way too soon to tell if the media blew it in vetting Obama when he was a candidate in 2008.

Kurtz: Given the limitations that we’ve seen in President Obama’s governing style, the fact that he comes in late and his—his critics would say he’s too much of a compromiser and what does he stand for and all that, did the media blow it in the portrayal of candidate Obama in 2008? Did we, were—were we swept along by the emotion of the Obama oration?

Friedman: Way too soon to tell that, I think—

Kurtz: Really? Almost 3 years in?

Friedman: Yeah, I think if — look, what have I been calling for, you know, the president to — and I think there is, we so desperately need a grand bargain that involves restructuring of debt, raising of taxes, cutting of spending and investing in the sources of our strengths, okay, as a country, from everything from infrastructure to government-funded research to education. It’s so clear that’s what we need. My personal frustration with Obama has been that while he—while he certainly tried that grand bargain for a little bit, it then, it just kind of went away. Well, it didn’t work. He said [House Speaker John] Boehner backed out. I don’t know who backed out. Whatever the point is—

Kurtz: Well, it takes two sides to negotiate—

Friedman: Exactly, there’s no question. But—but if I were Obama right now, I’d be out there with the American people every day on that bus tour: “I am for this grand bargain, here is what it means specifically, here is why it will work, here is why it’s the answer to our problems.” And my own frustration with Obama is that—is that—as a commentator now, who—who—who wants to get behind solutions, okay, and come out against obstruction, I don’t have a solution right now, okay, that I can say, “Here’s my guy who’s got my plan out there, I mean the plan I think will work best for the country.” And I think there’s a lot of voters who feel that way as well. A lot of Obama supporters who want to be supporting the president, but they don’t quite know what it is, you know what I mean?

Friedman just needs to admit that the media did blow the vetting of candidate Obama in 2008 and that thanks to a combination of  Obama’s hopeful speeches, their hatred for George Bush and their liberal views, any chance for objectivity flew out the window once they realized that Obama could actually win the presidency.

Thanks in part to the media, we now have record budget deficits and national debt, higher unemployment and a credit rating downgrade to boot.

Too bad we can’t sue the media for perpetrating a massive fraud on the voters.