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Bill Keller, the former New York Times managing editor turned columnist, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday and doubled down on his remarks from earlier in the year about Fox News.

Host Howard Kurtz asked Keller why he has such strong feelings about Fox News.

I think they didn’t invent the idea of partisan news. There’s a long history of that in our country. They refined and perfected it and brought to it a degree of cynicism, a sort of “we’re the fair and balanced network.” They are the opposite of the fair and balanced network. They came out and said, we’re the right-wing network, we’re going to favor Republicans, and we’re going to present talking heads that ideologically to the right or the far right, that’s fine, it’s a free country.

But what I object to is, [they] abandoned the discipline, the journalistic discipline of trying to be fair, but they have pretended that they have not abandoned it. 

Kurtz then asked Keller if that’s true for the reporters as well as anchors like O’Reilly and Hannity?

Keller responded by saying that there are some very good reporters at Fox, but that Fox and Friends is a very opinionated show, unlike the morning shows on the other networks.

Keller: (Fox and Friends) is a very opinionated show. It is a daily Obama roast. And you do not get that from the morning shows or CNN or NBC or CBS or ABC.

While it’s true that Fox and Friends is very opinionated, so are the morning shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, etc…, except they take a liberal stance.

Keller also conveniently left out MSNBC from the discussion. MSNBC has become an unabashedly liberal network, but that doesn’t bother Keller since he is also a liberal.

If Fox and Friends is an Obama roast then MSNBC’s Morning Joe is the polar opposite. For example, this morning the guests included Chris Matthews, The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, and they weren’t there to praise Romney.

The only bias here is Keller’s against Fox News and their stunning success in bringing a conservative viewpoint to a domain that was dominated by liberals for decades.

Keller’s Fox comments begin at 4:36

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