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The Twitter account known as @GSElevator, which has been fascinating Wall Street for the last three years with its tweeting, was finally exposed on Tuesday, though it still managed to suck in the New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan. The tweets were purportedly loose talk from Goldman Sachs employees, including deal talk, overheard in the company’s elevators.

After the person behind the account was revealed to be former Citibank employee John Lefevre, Goldman Sachs issued a tongue-in-cheek statement that expressed their relief that the prank had ended:

We are pleased to report that the official ban on talking in elevators will be lifted effective immediately.

Sullivan, however, missed the humor in the statement and wrote in her blog that:

Goldman brass took his purported presence at the firm seriously enough to forbid its employees to talk on the elevator.

After Sachs tweeted that they were just joking about having banned elevator talk, an embarrassed Sullivan updated her column:

This post has been updated to remove my admittedly naïve reference to the elevator policy at Goldman Sachs.

Naïve indeed.

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