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On Sunday’s Reliable Sources on CNN, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan admitted that the paper does have a liberal bias.

Sullivan was interviewed by guest host Joanne Lipman:

Well, some of my predecessors have taken that head-on. In fact, Daniel Okrent, the first public editor, once wrote a column — and I think the headline said something like ‘Is ‘The Times’ a Liberal Newspaper?’ And his answer in the lead was, of course it is and he went on from there. It got quite a bit of response.

I mean that is obviously something people feel about ‘The Times,’ and I think maybe the best way to think about it is that ‘The Times’ reflects its readership, its community. It’s an urban paper; it’s a New York City paper. I mean that’s a reasonable criticism, I think.

Lipman then asked Sullivan if that was a yes, to which she replied that it was a “modified yes with lots of nuances.”

Sullivan’s views are a little softer than those of her predecessor Arthur Brisbane, but still damning nonetheless. After acknowledging early last year that the paper had a pro-Obama bias, Brisbane said in his final column last August that a progressive worldview “virtually bleeds through the fabric of the Times.”

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