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jill abramson

New York Times CEO Mark Thompson has only been on the job since November, but he is already butting heads with executive editor Jill Abramson over the direction of the paper.

The rift was revealed in a new article by Joe Hagan in The New Yorker.

[T]he role of “visionary” at the paper, traditionally held by the news chief, was now being ceded to Thompson. And in recent months, say several Times sources, Abramson has chafed at some of Thompson’s moves as he redirects company resources to projects of ambiguous design, including an aggressive video unit run by a former AOL/Huffington Post executive who sits among news editors but reports to the corporate side of the Times.

Abramson is miffed because Thompson has shifted resources from the newsroom, which was already reeling from years of cuts to the business side, and projects like the one mentioned above. He is attempting to increase revenues on the digital side, where the Times has experienced its greatest growth.

But unless the Times experiences a miraculous recovery on the print side—which isn’t very likely—Abramson will just have to deal with the changes, and hope that Thompson can turn the company around.

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