Accuracy in Media

Realizing that the young supporters of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are not all that enthusiastic or likely to vote for Joe Biden in November, the New York Times Editorial Board this week implored them to do so and while considering the alternative.

The Times pointed out that while Sanders had great success with young voters in 2016, turnout for voters was flat to down in many states which contributed to his poor primary results. This is a problem for Biden as the Times said that he has been “running on a backward-looking platform of restoration — not exactly a message to electrify the youth vote.”

In what may be the most telling statement on how the Times feels about Biden’s candidacy they float the idea of younger people voting for a protest candidate which certainly won’t help Biden win the presidency.

“Sitting this election out for whatever reason would not serve young voters’ interests in the short or long term. They need to show up and be counted like never before, even if only to write in a protest candidate. Once they establish themselves as a reliable force, they won’t again have to beg and bargain with politicians to take them seriously.”


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