Accuracy in Media

Hollywood which has shown an anti-Christian bias did so again Friday night. On the CBS drama Numb3rs the FBI was investigating the death of a young woman found in her car in front of her home. The main suspect in the case was a boyfriend who told the detectives that both he and the woman were Christians and therefore saving themselves for marriage. During the interrogation he said something that caused the FBI detective to sneer “That wasn’t very Christian of you”.

The FBI later went to the boyfriend’s home and during their search uncovered a closet full of S & M gear. What type of signal does this send to the viewers about Christians?

To top it off since the perpetrator was a demented rich guy this part of the storyline served no purpose but to attack Christians. What if the boyfriend had been a Muslim? Well we will never see that as it wouldn’t be politically correct. Nor would it be politically correct to attack most other religions, but Christians are fair game.

The only number this shows deserves is one that leads to it’s cancellation.

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