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Colion Noir, the host of NOIR, a new program on the National Rifle Association Freestyle channel, ripped the liberal media, calling them “political slavemasters” for their treatment of him as a young black gun owner and supporter of the NRA:

The thing about it is the media aspect of it, the component the radical, the far left to the point of absurdity, they’re almost like kind of political slavemasters. And the idea and concept of me on my own becoming a gun owner and enjoying the gun, and unapologetically saying how much I love the gun, it blows their mind. ‘How dare you leave the political plantation of what you’re supposed to believe as a young black man.’ It’s the truth and quite frankly I’d  really rather not submit myself to political slavemasters.

That’s some pretty strong language, but it’s right on target. The liberal media have an anti-gun mentality, and prefer to portray gun owners as a bunch of crazy old white men. Noir’s skin color and passion for guns upset that narrative and drive them crazy.

That narrative is further disrupted by NOIR co-host Amy Robbins, who represents a growing segment of the female population that have flocked to gun ownership for both sport and protection.

NOIR can be seen on Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET on NRA Freestyle.

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