Accuracy in Media

NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller told a National Press Club audience that the network has “received a tremendous amount of criticism for being too conservative.”

Schiller was responding to a question about whether or not there was an imbalance of liberals and conservatives in the newsroom and what if anything she planned to do about it?

She said that every news organization “gets criticized about being too liberal, about being too conservative , about being too this or that,” and that she wished  ‘that those folks could be in our editorial meeting and see what goes on and the care that our reporters and our editors and our journalists take to get it right.”

Based on NPR’s history though getting it “right”  doesn’t necessarily mean being unbiased even if Schiller denies any liberal bias on the part of the network.

As for the claim they have been accused of being conservative that must have come from the far left who don’t think NPR is liberal enough and therefore makes them too conservative in their warped minds.

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