Accuracy in Media

If left wing filmaker Michael Moore thought his new documentary, “Farenheit 9/11” was going to roll across the country he got a rude awakening in some states.

According to the Hollywood Reporter,  Illinois based GKC Theaters and Iowa based Fridley Theaters have decided not to show the film. Owner Robert Fridley released the following statement , “It has always been and will continue to be our policy to refuse to play what we feel are propaganda films, no matter the source. It was and is our feeling that ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ falls into that category.” The GKC statement said “We believe in Michael Moore’s freedom to make this movie,” “We trust that our customers will recognize and respect our own freedom to choose not to show it. During a time of war, the American troops in Iraq need and deserve our undivided support.”

 I’m sure Moore will find a way to turn this to his advantage with the help of his liberal media friends. Yet at the same time this may signal an end to the notion that just because a film is labeled a documentary that it is factual. Maybe movie goers wil begin to realize that they are being fed a liberal political viewpoint in their “entertainment”. Just maybe. I can always hope.

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