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philly inquirer

The City Paper is reporting that the Philadelphia Inquirer will cut the opinion section in half in September, from two pages to one, because readers told management that the Inquirer is ‘biased.’

At least that’s what management told the newsroom, though few are buying it:

“In terms of those ostensible explanations, I don’t think anybody really believes it,” says a source. “I don’t know if anyone is even asking anyone to believe it.”

I don’t believe bias is the reason either, since Inquirer co-owner George Norcross is a big Democratic Party fundraiser in South Jersey, and not very likely to take bias complaints seriously.

If the readers think the Inquirer is biased, it should be clear that they are referring to the news section, not the opinion section, which is by definition, biased. If Norcross was really concerned about bias, then he would do something about the news section and leave the opinion section alone.

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