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Former White House communications director under George W. Bush Nicolle Wallace, who is now an MSNBC anchor, took a potshot at Fox News when she said that President Obama didn’t have a network distorting the truth for him like President Trump does.

Wallace made her remarks after reading a tweet from former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul who served under Obama from 2012-2014 who said he was distressed after watching  Sean Hannity’s Fox News program that the outspokenly pro-Donald Trump host would make the same “whataboutism argument” that Putin’s propaganda channels make.

“So, you know, I guess one of the differences between any stipulated lack of fulsomeness in the Obama-era response was it didn’t have a network distorting the truth for it. Donald Trump does,” Wallace said taking a potshot at rival network Fox News.

Wallace must have forgotten just how staunchly some of her current and former MSNBC colleagues — Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, and Ed Schultz, to name a few — defended Obama at every turn during his term in office.



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