Accuracy in Media

While I am no great fan of the media, I have to come to their defense when it comes to NFL football star Terrell Owens’ latest comments.

According to the Associated Press, Owens blames the media for portraying him as a selfish player, although he admits that he has a tendency of saying things about others that he wouldn’t want said about himself. The media are so mean. Boo hoo.

This and more came out of an interview that airs tonight on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” and is based on a transcript of the show the AP obtained last night.

Owens told Gumbel that he feels that he is being picked on and that the media is using him to “gain viewers attention”. He also feels “misunderstood”.

Pity poor Terrell or T.O. as he is known to sports fans. He became a star while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, but left after berating his coach and quarterback. He was traded to the Baltimore Ravens , but managed to get that trade rescinded when he refused to play for them. It must have been a misunderstanding. He was then dealt to the Eagles where he signed a 7 year $49 million dollar contract. Owens helped lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl and decided that what he needed now was a new contract. Usually that doesn’t go over too well with management this case was no exception.

Once again the brooding Owens wound up feuding with his quarterback and coach and the Eagles stumbled through a very disappointing season after the team suspended him in November. Now Owens has another chance.

This time with the Dallas Cowboys who have decided to gamble that Owens’ football skills will far outweigh the possible disruption that he can bring to team unity. If not, look for Parcells to dump him quick while Owens screams that he has been victimized once again. For $7 million I would consider becoming a victim.

In this case the media has done a credible job of reporting on Owens and can’t be accused of picking on him. They have given him a platform. They can’t be blamed if he chose to use that platform to solidify his reputation as a head case.

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