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Former Newsweek editor and now columnist Evan Thomas told the gang on Inside Washington declared last week that the Democrat sponsored health care bill is a s disaster.

During a discussion on House Republicans efforts to repeal what they called the ‘job killing health care law act” host Gordon Petersen noted that the unemployment numbers had just gone down which he said was good new news for Democrats.

From the Daily Caller here’s Thomas” response to Petersen:

“It ain’t because of Congress,” Thomas said. “The unemployment will go down a little bit but the game in Washington will still be this unreal game. Health care though – I got to say, is one place where I think where Republicans are right.”

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“The health care bill is a disaster,” Thomas continued. “We’re sort of slowly learning – it’s not working. It’s interesting – they’re implementing it and it’s not working out at all as people anticipated. There’s all sorts of wildly wrong projections. As it’s being practiced – it’s failed.”

For a liberal like Thomas who back in June of 2009 on Hardball compared Obama to a deity by telling Chris Matthews that “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above-above the word, he;s sort of a God,” this is a big change of direction.

Thomas must have realized since then that Obama is not only human but that his policies and programs are driving our country closer to the brink rather than saving it.

The Republicans should have no trouble voting to repeal Obamacare as they promised to do during the campaign but without help from the Senate little if anything will actually change.

It remains to be seen whether or not Thomas’ comments of the health care bill is another crack in the mainstream media’s wall that will help open the floodgates or just a one-time event but it is evidence of the continuing erosion of support for Obama  which doesn’t bode well for him in 2012.

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