Accuracy in Media

Newsweek White House correspondent Dan Stone may want to check the definition of  what a memoir is after he told MSNBC that former Vice President Dick Cheney’s memoir was a rehash of the past and not being used to look forward.

“This book is—is very focused on rehashing. It’s very based on the past, from what I can tell. Not many people are taking it to look forward, but the White House is certainly trying to gain the upper ground over this sniping and conniving among Republicans and Bush White House officials to say, ‘This is a new day, we ran on change and hope, you know, our officials are not behaving like this.’”

Considering that a memoir is a recollection of a person’s life, it only makes sense that they would write about what happened (the past) and not what they thought was going to happen (the future). And if Stone thinks that there won’t be stories of sniping in the Obama administration after he leaves office then he really is a clueless liberal.

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