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According to an advertising executive with inside knowledge of News Corp’s iPad-only publication The Daily, it is struggling to find a paying audience eight months after its launch.

The ad exec told Bloomberg that The Daily has about 120,o00 unique weekly visitors which includes people who are paying as well as those who just sign up for the free two-week preview. That number is well below the 500,000 figure that Rupert Murdoch said would allow the publication to break even.

News Corp doesn’t release figures for The Daily so this is the best indication that Murdoch may have jumped the gun by thinking that just because it is on the iPad people will flock to it and that they will be willing to pay for the content.

Even though The Daily has a potential audience of over 30 million iPad users, it has failed to gain momentum since its launch but hasn’t given up on the tablet strategy just yet.

In an effort to boost interest in The Daily, News Corp has launched a Facebook app hoping that it will draw more users to the publication. But the real issue is that until they produce compelling content, The Daily will be more like the company’s gamble with MySpace several years ago — an expensive dud.

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