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News Networks Pass on Sean Spicer for Paid Contributor Role

The big five news organizations have passed on offering former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer a job as a paid contributor, according to NBC News.

Spicer’s representatives have been holding individual conversations about the possibility of joining one of the major TV networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Fox News — but “they won’t touch him,” said a media industry executive familiar with those conversations.

NBC News reported that the lack of interest in Spicer as a paid contributor was due to what network executives perceived as a “lack of credibility.”

Spicer’s repeated attacks on the liberal media probably didn’t help his chances either – even at Fox News, which seems to be risk-averse since the Murdoch brothers took over the network. But his inability to land a TV gig is more likely due to a general anti-Trump bias by mainstream media.

Despite unsuccessful attempts to land a regular TV gig, Spicer will still be busy, as he is a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, and is under contract with Worldwide Speakers Group for paid speaking engagements.