Accuracy in Media

As if anyone needed more proof that MSNBC has a strong Democratic and left-wing bias, along comes a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism which shows that MSNBC has been far more negative in its coverage of Mitt Romney than Fox News has of President Obama.

From August 27 through October 21 of this year, 71 percent of MSNBC’s coverage of Mitt Romney was negative compared to just three percent that was positive, for a ratio of  nearly 24-to-1. By comparison, Fox News reported negatively about President Obama 46 percent of the time, versus six percent positively, for a ratio of 8-t0-1. In other words, Fox News was nearly three times more positive towards Obama than MSNBC was towards Romney.


With just four days left to go, we can expect that Chris Matthews and company will only ramp up their attacks on Romney, as they try to save the Obama presidency from itself.


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