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The largest paper in the state of Minnesota, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which Republicans and conservatives in the state have criticized as being too liberal, has a new owner who plans to make it less so.

Glen Taylor, a former Republican state senator and owner of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, pledged that the paper will be fair and accurate.

Taylor was interviewed by MinnPost:

MinnPost: The Star Tribune is regarded as a liberal newspaper, rightly or wrongly, and probably less so now than ten years ago. Will that change under you in any way shape or form?

Glen Taylor: I think the answer is yes. But I think the answer is yes whether I buy it or don’t buy it. Everything changes, and some people are going to say, “Well it is, because you bought it, that it changed.”

I would say back to them, “No. You are going to have new hires. You are going to have new people. There are going to be changes in seniority. You have got to be responsible to your readership.” And I think it has already been changing, and I have been a longtime reader of the paper.

The purchase by Taylor follows a string of wealthy businessmen—Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and John Henry—who have put up some of their vast net worth to rescue newspapers, with uncertain futures. But Taylor is the first Republican among this group to do so.

Whether or not Taylor will be able to make the Star Tribune less liberal, in a blue state, remains to be seen. But I for one will be rooting for him.

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