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New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Shabazz  told a Russian TV reporter that Fox News should be ashamed of themselves and that the charges of voter intimidation leveled against them by the Justice Department had no merit.

Shabazz also said the Fox News audience was made up of mostly white right wingers, some independents, confederates and racist organizations and that their base are mostly dissatisfied whites who want to take back America.

If anything one could accuse Shabazz of fomenting violence as he talked about a potential confrontation with the Tea Party Movement in September saying that “We’re ready to rumble”.

That may have been an unfortunate choice of words considering what the party is accused of doing during the 2008 elections and may only give more credence to the charges of voter intimidation rather than the victims of some right wing racist plot to discredit them.

Here is an interview from last July with Shabazz

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