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The 24/7 news cycle that has led to a constant flow of news on the web, TV and social media has pushed a majority of Americans to the brink of fatigue according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

Nearly seven in ten Americans (68 percent) feel worn out by the amount of news they are getting while just three-in-ten say that they are satisfied with the amount of news they are receiving. This is in line with people who were surveyed during the 2016 presidential election, when a majority said they felt exhausted from the coverage.

A majority of both Republicans and Democrats expressed news fatigue, though Republicans and Republican-leaning independents felt more won out about the news (77 percent) than Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents (61 percent).

The level of fatigue is more pronounced among those who don’t follow the news all that closely than those who are avid consumers of news. Even though a majority of those who closely follow the news felt worn out (62%), an even greater majority of the occasional news consumer felt fatigued by the constant barrage of news (78%).

The survey found that the less favorably disposed towards the news media a person felt, the more exhausting the news was, though nearly half of those that felt the news organizations do “very well” were worn out by the news.

While a majority of people seems to be fatigue or worn out by the amount of news they are receiving they also appear unwilling to take the simple steps to combat this fatigue and turn off their mobile devices and televisions.


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